About Morgan Consulting

Brand Philosophy

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Our logo has been designed with our mission, vision and values in mind.

“The three C's – our Clients, Candidates and Consultants – working together will deliver successful and mutually beneficial recruitment outcomes”.

Our Clients

We're driven to look after each of our clients with an equal amount of care and responsibility, regardless of whether they're large or small.  We put in the effort to get to know their business, while becoming an extension of their team and brand.  We tailor solutions to suit their business, offer flexibility the larger agencies can't or won't offer them, and work alongside them as they grow.  We are known for our great service and compelling results so we always try to go out of our way to deliver a positive experience beyond our clients expectations.

Our Candidates

We try to give them a different experience – the personalised service and ‘care' of a truly ‘boutique' agency, with the market reach of a major agency... and an honest approach.  Regardless of their success, every candidate leaves with a positive view of Morgan, our consultants and (as a result) our clients.

Our Consultants

Our people are our greatest asset – we employ the very best we can.  We treat them like adults, provide them with a clear vision and goals, let them chart their own course and back them with everything they need to be successful i.e. technology, training, coaching, positive critical review and genuine personal support.

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