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5 Signs It's Time To Change Up Your Construction or Property Job


Did you know that the average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime?

And the average hours worked per week by employees in the construction industry was the third highest of any industry, at 34.6 hours a week?

It's easy to find yourself caught up working in an unhappy role with little return, and with such long working hours it can start to feel like you are wasting your life away in the doldrums.

Specifically for those in property or construction, it’s a good time to find work. Over the past years, while mining and infrastructure construction has slowed, this has been offset by significant growth in other sectors including residential, retail, commercial and healthcare.

So if you wake up on Monday mornings with a sigh and a roll of the eyes, rather than jumping out of bed excitedly for the work day ahead, then it might be time to test yourself against the below points to reassess if you are happy where you are and then take action…

1.  The Spark Is Gone

Just like in a long-term relationship, this can be hard to admit to yourself. No matter how hard you try, if the shine has worn off and you can’t get it back, it’s time to reassess why.  If you can’t get the spark back…well, it’s time to venture forward my friend!

You may have outgrown the role you are in or your expectations from your workplace have changed.

Human beings crave new things, be it challenges, rewards or new relationships. If your current job can’t grow with you, and doesn’t light your fire, then it could be time to look elsewhere.

2. You Feel Like An Outsider

The people you work with become a huge part of the appeal of a company; work mates quickly become like your second family so when you don't get along with the people you see everyday, it can become a major pain point.

Whether you never really gelled with your colleagues or something has caused a sudden divide, if you feel disconnected at work you it can make your work environment unpleasant.

Speaking to a recruitment consultant about the right environment for you can be a good starting point for finding a better connection in your next workplace.

3. The Culture Isn’t Right

It might not be the people but the culture or environment that doesn’t quite float your boat. Not every workplace needs to have Friday night drinks around a pool table to make it the greatest place to work, but having the right fit for what YOU are looking for in a work environment, be it the people, the space, the company structure or the way the workers come together and connect is.

A misaligned cultural fit can easily lay the foundation for disagreements and unhappiness. To make sure that this isn’t repeated in your next role, be sure to research the people and the company culture of any potential future workplace, even going as far to reach out to someone who works there for the inside word on what the culture is really like.

4. You’re Not Being Rewarded

Good work deserves rewards. I’m not talking a brand new car, a pat on the head or a pay rise every time you do something good, but as you spend more time with a company you should expect to be given more responsibilities and more authority to work autonomously. And as you move up the ladder, your wage should increase accordingly.

Being given more work to do with no sense of progress or reward at the end of the tunnel can soon feel like the company is taking advantage. Stand by your value and don’t compromise on what you are owed. If a company won’t budge on valuing you for who you are and what you bring to their company, is there really a future there?

5. There’s No Opportunity To Progress

There is more to growing in your role than promotions and pay rises. If you find yourself doing the same work day in day out for years on end, it can feel like you are stagnating.

Perhaps your boss has got it into their head that you’re good at one task or skill set and has pigeonholed you into doing only that. The problem is, this encourages submissiveness and begins to stunt your drive to push yourself.

Think about where you want to be, what position you want, what projects and skills you’d like to use day in and day out and then go to your boss with that goal in mind. If your goal doesn’t match with your work place and there is no possibility for you to spread your wings and do the things you love, can you really see yourself being happy there?

Besides, the construction and property industry is the fourth largest contributor to the Australian economy playing a major role in determining economic growth; so there IS space for you to move around if you are unfulfilled where you are.


Perhaps this is your opportunity to make the next leap?

If you are on the lookout for a new role or are hoping to move forward to be part of new business or entirely new industry, it’s worth doing your research first. And if you don’t have the right contacts, know how or time to do this, speak to a recruiter who does.

The property and construction industry remains highly resilient with high demands for talent across the board in all sectors with residential and apartment markets remaining active along with an extremely strong commercial market.

So if you are looking to change roles or just want to discuss opportunities in property or construction, drop me a message and let’s talk. I can help you find the right job and the right business that you were born for.

Onwards and upwards!



Recruiting in the Property & Construction team, Kris specialises in Development and Project Management sectors.  Having grown up in the UK, she is passionate about travelling the world and her hometown football club -  AFC Bournemouth.

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