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5 Ways To Impress On Your First Week Of Your New Job

So you impressed everyone in your interview and landed the job. Congratulations! But it isn’t time to celebrate just yet.

Starting your new job and making a good first impression on your new workmates can be just as important as the interview process because as you know, first impressions can be vital in making your work life successful and enjoyable.

Here’s 5 tips to get you through your first week:

1. Accept You Are The Newbie

It’s easy to get carried away and act over confident on your first day because you want to make a good impression. But being too confident can come across as overbearing or intimidating and most people will see through your false bravado.

Be open to the fact that you are the new person in town, be open to asking questions and show respect to those who have been part of the woodwork for longer than you, it will go a long way to creating stronger bonds.

2. Be Prepared To Learn

We all know starting a new job means inductions and learning, learning and more learning. How to use the computers, how to use the database, what the company values are and of course, most importantly…where the toilets are. So you’ll need to be the best sponge you can be!

Here’s a few ways you can stay focused, have clarity of mind and retain the information:

  • Have a good night’s sleep the night before; 8 hours is ideal
  • Come to work early and set up your desk so you aren’t frazzled by last minute rushing and peak hour traffic
  • Bring healthy protein snacks like nuts and protein balls for your day so you can keep refuelling
  • Try to stay hydrated with water throughout your day
  • Avoid refined sugar that will only make you dip in blood sugar, meaning 3pm sleepy time!

3. Coffee - Bringing People Together

When you enter a new workplace, the best way to get to know everyone is to take them out one-on-one for a coffee. It will break down the barriers that can sometimes be in place when a united team of employees are intruded by a newcomer. It also allows you to build new relationships without the others influencing that person’s behaviour or attitude.

To keeps things as smooth as possible and to give you the best chance of making a good impression, meet for a coffee outside the office, on neutral ground and show them how fabulous you are!

Happy Employee First Day At Work

4. Make Friends With The Guru

Find out who the office guru is. Every workplace has that one person who knows how to fix your computer, work the phone, knows the best coffee places and knows exactly where to kick the printer when it jams.

Usually it’s the person who works in HR or the office manager, but it could be the person whose been their longest. They will help make your working life a lot easier and you’ll make a good friend in the process.

5. Find Common Ground

You are going to be part of a new team now and you want them to get to know you just as much as you want to know them. So why not give them a helping hand? I’m not talking a show-and-tell experience where you bring in your latest arts and crafts piece or your family albums. Rather, when you talk to your colleagues make an effort to find common ground that you can bond over.

If you like fitness, talk about your weekend workouts and find out where they go to the gym. Or maybe you like football, so find out what team they support. Have kids? Talk to them about their family and bond over the joys (and challenges!) of parenting.

One expert tip - If you are into baking, bring in a freshly home baked snack for the office; food is the way to people’s hearts and people will appreciate your effort in trying to make a good impression on the office.

Do you have any hot tips for how to impress on your first day at work? Leave a comment and tell us how...

About the Author

Nicole Dickmann is a Marketing Manager with a passion for creating brands and marketing campaigns to sell a vision.  With over 12 years’ experience in marketing including her own start up health business, as well as large National companies, she loves to tell a good story.

Her greatest passion is using her Marketing background to help people chase a better version of themselves - be it their health, wellbeing or their career.

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