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8 questions that tell you if it’s time to change your job


Rejuvenate! I love this word. Even the way it sounds evokes something new, fresh, exciting.

And let’s be honest, at this time of year, who doesn’t need a healthy dose of ‘rejuvenation’?

Everyone is tired. Over it. Dragging themselves into the office each day, ticking off the numbers in their diaries (yes I still use one!) like an Advent Calendar of Hope.

But while we look forward to the end of year break and plan to do all sorts of things to rejuvenate (read: revive, revitalise, renew, regenerate, restore, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, reawaken, rekindle, and my favourite, revivify!), the reality is that most of us will come back to work in January feeling heavier in the belly, lighter in the pocket, and not at all ready to do it all over again for another year.

I think for many, the rejuvenation we are actually seeking is more than just a well-earned rest. In a lot of cases, it’s a need to totally re-evaluate where we’re at in our lives, and with this, whether or not we’re entirely happy in our jobs.

It’s no secret that we spend most of our time at work, and that much of our self-worth is wrapped up in ‘what we do’, rather than ‘who we are’. Yet, so many people toil away in the same job, with the same company, with the same frustrations year after year, and wonder why they constantly feel that there’s ‘heavy cloud, no rain’ (thanks Sting!).

So, maybe it’s time to really evaluate how you feel about your job?

  • Do I actually like the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what I do?
  • Does my job provide me with satisfaction and a sense of worth?
  • Do I feel that my skillset/education/training is being fully utilised?
  • Is my workplace inclusive and do I feel part of the team?
  • Do I at least respect the people I work with?
  • Does my boss value my contribution, and does he/she acknowledge my efforts?
  • Do I go home at the end of the day feeling that I’ve done a good day's work?
  • Do I have a healthy combination of work/family/life balance?

And, if you don’t like your answers, then perhaps you do need to start considering your options. It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling – and who knows where it may lead you?

I’m not sure where I read it, but someone very wise once said: “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

Maybe it’s time for you to turn the page?


About the Author

After many years in the transport and logistics industry, Dani Elwood commenced her recruitment career in 2006. She has extensive experience in business services, having successfully recruited all levels of white collar business support and logistics roles for government, manufacturing, mining & resources, transport & logistics and the not-for-profit sector.

Dani’s passion for service, coupled with her expert sourcing skills and networks has won her a reputation for finding top candidates for hard to fill roles. She takes the time to get to know her clients and candidates closely, ensuring that the needs and desires of both parties are considered. Dani is highly regarded for her friendly yet direct communication style, and her desire to truly secure the best outcome for all involved.

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