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Create A Culture Of Innovation:: A Review

On Wednesday 16th November, an intimate group of 40+ contact centre managers from around Brisbane was fortunate enough to attend an Innovation Breakfast at the Stamford Plaza hosted by Auscontact Association for Call Centre Management.

The very special guest speaker Dr Julienne Senyard, a highly published scholar and nominee for the University Outstanding Thesis Award, joined Griffith University early 2016 as a key Lecturer in entrepreneurial-ship and new venture creation, digital and social media marketing and entrepreneurial marketing.

Dr Senyard inspired the room with her thought provoking ideas and anecdotal stories, promoting the notion that...

“Innovation requires an environment that supports people to find ways to break the rules, encouraging something new and embracing change”.

Innovation Breakfast Dr Julienne Seynard

The key messages from the Auscontact Association Innovation Breakfast…

Consideration should be given to actual service delivery versus what was/is communicated, expected and delivered and any gaps that are identified presents the opportunity for innovation.Innovation doesn’t need to be too tricky or expensive, it’s about recognising who or what your current resources are, and then using them to identify solutions to bridge those gaps.

“Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” ~ Bill Gates.

The foundation for entrepreneurialism is not about a business plan, which ten years ago may have been fundamental to doing business. Today there is a significant shift towards empathetic design for innovation, which means encouraging individual mindfulness, creating an environment which gives scope to identify ways to break the rules to encourage something new, engagement and ‘co-creation’ encompassing both external and internal stakeholders.

Dr Senyard also introduced to the group the concept of “Design Thinking” (IDEO) which she described as a simple framework to assist with innovative thinking.

Dr Julienne Seynard and Caddy Neville Innovation Breakfast

Caddy and Dr Senyard at the Innovation Breakfast

The Design Thinking Framework:

1. Empathize: Learn about the audience for whom you are designing

2. Define: Consider user needs + insight to create a point of view

3. Ideate: Create a new idea and then move into “What if” to challenge the thought process

4. Prototype: Build a representation of the idea to show to others. Present the new thinking to the team, develop a sense of pride for going to work, and consider how to present, how to change ways it is communicated to design the right picture

5. Test: Show this to your original user group to test and generate further feedback.

The key learnings from the breakfast were thought provoking, with the attendees returning to their daily work lives better informed about the notion that innovation does not have to be costly, and the opportunity that is lost when you don’t support a culture that encourages all to challenge the status quo.

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Caddy Neville is a professional consultant with over 6 years’ experience connecting people to their right position in sales and marketing recruitment.

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