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Digital marketers are in hot demand. Do you need to upskill?

It is an exciting time to be working in digital marketing as new technologies and platforms are creating constant disruption and change.

As the marketing landscape continues to accelerate, marketers and businesses are trying to keep on top of the new channels, technologies and consumer models that have taken over.

To stay competitive, marketers need to continue to learn and master new skills constantly.


The big corporates have been leading the way in digital for a while now but the SMEs are still trying to catch up. Some companies are only starting to put a digital strategy in place and adding digital capabilities to their teams.

With so much transformation happening there is a lot of activity in the market and it is not slowing down! The new year brings new strategies, and with this - new opportunities!

But everyone seems to be a “digital” marketer these days; well at least claim to be! This continues to make it difficult for businesses to find and secure top talent in the market.

Do you have the right skills to help keep you ahead of the pack?

Here is a list of some key skills that are in demand right now...

Analytics – You must be able to understand data and know what to do with it.

Optimisation – Set up, track and interpret website statistics to then continuously test and improve converting visitors into customers.

Omni Channel – Ensure a seamless customer experience across all channels by delivering clear and consistent messaging and branding.

UX – Understanding end-users interaction and experience.

CX – Understanding the customer experience across all channels and websites.

Content Management – Delivering quality online content to consumers to increase organic search results and bring more visitors and conversions to websites.

Social Media – Maximising social platforms to promote a product or service and track the progress, success, and engagement of campaigns.

SEO and PPC – Boost traffic to websites through organic and paid options.


Would you like to upskill, refresh or develop your digital capability?

There are loads of options available to you. Here are some websites that you may find helpful...


The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA).

The largest marketing and advertising association in Australia. They offer education, events and awards, tools and resources.


General Assembly.

Explore innovative courses in design, marketing, technology, and data.


Google Analytics Academy.


Digital Summit.

A conference for digital marketers to learn, connect and be inspired.


Future Assembly.

Emergent tech festival – experience the future of science and technology


SEO and marketing tools.

This site houses a host of tools including beginners guides to A/B testing, analytics, WordPress, automation, search and many more!


Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to comment and share your recommendations.

About The Author

Alyce is a Senior Recruitment Consultant across the Digital Marketing sector.  She works hard to provide possibilities to passionate people.

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