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Meet The Digi Team!

We love to travel!

With half of the team hailing from the UK and half being from Australia, we all equally love to travel. Between the entire team, we have wandered to almost every corner of the earth. If you want recommendations on some of the best hotels in the world, Emma is your person! Our favourite places are New York, Spain, Berlin, Thailand, South Africa, Tasmania, Philippines… Okay, we need to stop, we will end up listing half of the world.

We are passionate about the space that we work in!

From hosting our own digital marketing events, partnering with other businesses like General Assembly and SheSays and sponsoring or attending other events, we seem to be attending events whenever we are away from our desk. We genuinely care about the industry we work and are interested in it, in supporting those who are trying to develop their careers in digital and in learning as much as we can about the space.

Snacks…all the snacks!

Half of our team are super healthy and the other half have a worsening sugar addition. One of them is an enabler providing most of the office with regular treats. At the moment their favourites are Zooper Doopers and Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

We work really closely together!

Everybody has their own areas of speciality but we all work super close together. It’s a supportive environment and we are all willing to help each other out so we can assist our clients and candidates as best as possible.

We LOVE what we do!

We love our jobs and are passionate about what we do. We get excited to work with our clients and love meeting new talent. We love hearing about the work that our clients and candidates are doing. The best feeling is when months after we have placed somebody in a role, they email us telling us how much they love their new role and the company they work for. Its gets us smiling every time.

I know we spoke about snacks, but let’s talk FOOD!

We are all massive foodies. We have conversations about what we are making for dinner, restaurants, latest trends, must visit places in Melbourne. It’s food, food, food…ALL the time.

We are OBSESSED with other people’s offices

We all love a great office space and will often come back from meetings ranting about the spaces we have seen. You may sometimes catch us trying to take a sneaky photo to take back and show the rest of the team.

555 is the magic number!

That is how many days we have been the Morgan Digital Team. Whilst Morgan is a reasonably new player in digital recruitment, the agency has been around for 23 years. Every consultant in our team has a wealth of experience that we gained at other agencies and working in the industry prior to coming to Morgan Consulting.

Close by!

All of us live within 8kms of the CBD, 1 of us in the city, 2 in Port Melbourne and 1 in Footscray. We love exploring everything the city has to offer from bars, restaurants, museums, art galleries and different events.

We are embedded in the community and like to give back!

Between all of us, our network includes literally hundreds of people. We are passionate about the social aspect of our networks, but also helping others in any way we can. We love assisting to promote or co-sponsor events, assisting in finding presenters or just connecting people with common interests.

Things We Are Doing in The Next Month:

  • Giving away a free recruitment role to a start-up, Recruiter Insider, at Pause Fest to help them raise funding.
  • Alongside CHE on the 16th of Feb we are sponsoring DigiDebates.
  • Naomi is doing a workshop at GeneralAssembly next week on Opportunities in UX Design and mediating A Brief Night with Yoke.
  • Jasmin will be at the SEO Meetup tonight.
  • We have sponsored and raised money for the Level Up Conference on the 3rd of March

Fast Facts:

Movie Obsession: 2/4

Lovers of Cheese: 4/4

Lactose Intolerance: 2/4 Dog Obsession: 1/4

Instagram Obsessed: 3/4

Justin Bieber Fans: 1/4

Propensity to 90s HipHop & RnB: 4/4

Coffee Drinkers: 2/4

Seafood Eaters: 4/4


We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who would be a good fit for our team. If you are a recruiter and want to know more, get in touch.


Jasmin has a strong understanding of how digital marketing agencies work from the inside having worked in them for 7 years before going into recruitment. She works across Search (SEO & SEM), Strategy and Client Services (Account Managers, Producers and BDM’s). Outside of work Jasmin has an obsession with sloths (& wine).

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