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Recruiter Monogamy - Should you be exclusive with your recruiter?

Many companies assume the more recruiters they have working for them, the better candidates they will have access to. Their rationale for “maxing out” on recruiters is to make sure their vacancies reach as many candidates as possible. Sure, sending out a role to multiple recruiters means you might reach multiple networks which could benefit the more urgent roles, where you have strict time frames.

But what are the benefits of being loyal with just one recruiter? And do the negatives of working with multiple recruiters outweigh the benefits of being monogamous and working with just one?

5 benefits of being exclusive with your recruiter:

1. It’s All About You

When your recruiter is focused purely on you and your objectives and they are aware that they are the solo recruiter responsible for achieving your recruitment requirements, the partnership is intensified. Quite often you’ll give more effort and detail to just one recruiter, as opposed to a little bit of detail to five recruiters and subsequently the exclusive relationship is always a more devoted one.

2. Better Time Management

Working with one recruiter means you entrust the entire process to this recruiter and they’ll be able to manage the process so you don’t get inundated by resumes and phone calls. After all, isn’t that a major part of the reason you outsource your recruitment in the first place? Leave the work to the recruiter so you can get on with your job.

3. Solid Relationships Yield Better Results

The partnership between recruiter and client will grow over time, meaning the recruiter knows your business, how you think, what you want, the kind of employee you prefer and can achieve greater success in less time. Trust your recruiter to do their job properly and to get to know your business, it will reap rewards in the long run.

4. You Get Quality

Some clients place too much importance on how quickly a recruiter can reel in candidates. Time is certainly a factor but the quality of the candidate is more important in the long run. A bucket full of sub-par candidates won’t get you far in the long run when down the road they end up lacking skill or leave the job after a few weeks because they don't believe in your brand.   And this entire process certainly won’t leave you with a good impression of the recruiter.

Opt for quality and invest more time in the recruiter, the role and the entire process.

5. Find That Unicorn Employee

Any candidate that is making themselves actively known to a recruiter is an ‘active’ candidate as they are actively looking for a job. On the other hand, a passive candidate isn’t marketing themselves actively to recruiters as they are in a job and are generally satisfied in their position.

With short deadlines and multiple recruiters, you will generally get access to the active candidates that are available in a short timeframe. But if you are looking at making a more critical and strategic hire, one that will impact the growth of your business and someone who aligns with your brand and see’s themselves fitting into your business long-term, then having access to networks of passive candidates from the recruiter’s database will allow you to cast your net wider but also deeper, providing a much more qualified pool of candidates. It’s about finding the best “in the market” as opposed to what is “on market”.


So now that we know my stance on recruiter fidelity, you need to get the right recruiter for the job. I highly recommend prior to sending your role out to just any recruiter, call the recruiters first and query what they know about your company and the role you are recruiting. Ask them what strategies they would employ to find the candidate and ask them what they would do if the traditional recruitment strategies don’t yield fruit.

Make sure the recruiter knows the role you are looking to fill, and even more important, is motivated to assist you and is passionate about your brand. When a recruiter describes the role in detail with passion and excitement, a candidate is going to be far more intrigued.

Create a partnership with one or two strategic recruiters and it will pay dividends in the long run.

If you’d like to find out more about how to choose the right recruiter for your vacancy, I’d be happy to workshop some questions for you to ask. Call me direct on 03 9963 0393 or email me.


About The Author

Jeff leads the ICT Practice at Morgan Consulting and has a great passion for connecting great people with equally great organizations. His relationships are built on outstanding customer service and a desire to truly understand the motivations and needs of his customers.

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