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The Power Of A Thank You Letter

You’ve just walked out of a job interview and you’re on cloud 9; you feel like you’ve nailed it. The company is great, the people seem great, you answered the questions succinctly and everything about it seems perfect.

But as you walk away from the interview, you start to feel like the decision is now out of your hands.

How can you still make an impact and get your name in front of people one last time to ensure you leave a positive impression?

If you used a recruiter to get the interview, you quickly jump on the phone to convey your feedback which they will pass along to the client.

But there is another way…

A thank you letter.

Especially for those who work in client facing roles, I believe it is essential to write a thank you letter but sadly, it’s not done enough. In a role you always send a follow-up email to a client post meeting, so why not treat your interviews the same way?

It’s another way to convey your interest in the role and set yourself apart from others, not to mention that it’s good manners.

Here are my tips for sending a thank you note:

  • Get their business card after the interview if you don’t already have their contact details.
  • Send the email within 24 hours of the interview.
  • Thank them for their time, be authentic and keep the tone positive.
  • Briefly recap your skills, experience and why you think you are a great fit for the role.
  • If they expressed any concerns in the interview, this is a great time to reinforce your suitability for the role.
  • Most importantly, reinforce your interest in the position and their business. Highlight something positive you found out about the business during the interview.
  • Use spell check and make sure you proofread thoroughly.



Jasmin has a strong understanding of how digital marketing agencies work from the inside having worked in them for 7 years before going into recruitment. She works across Search (SEO & SEM), Strategy and Client Services (Account Managers, Producers and BDM’s).  Outside of work Jasmin has an obsession with sloths (& wine).

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