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WHAT IS YOUR RECRUITER SUPERPOWER? A lesson in personal branding.

Too many recruiters deny the importance of building their brand.

“I’m too busy to bother with Marketing.”

The problem is, you already have a brand; it exists whether you do anything about it or not.

You can choose to ignore it and let your brand define you and your success; or you can put some boundaries around it, get to know it and make it work for you.

If you take the latter approach it will help you to stand out from your competitors and you’ll get the job done more efficiently.

Help me work more efficiently?!

YES, you read it correctly.

Reading this article will literally CREATE YOU MORE TIME by helping you speak in an authentic tone, attracting the customers you specifically want to work with.


So what is a brand for a recruiter?

A recruiters brand is a multi-layered beast that extends from the moment a candidate first comes across your brand, all the way through to the moment they accept your offer and they’ve continued on in their role.

Your personal brand is your unique identifier.  It’s how clients and candidates relate to you.  It’s the customer experience.  It’s your vision, your passion, your articles, your social media presence.  It encompasses your entire reputation and how people perceive you.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace attracting the right talent and the right client in less time, is pivotal to a recruiter's success.

So how do you make sure your brand is working for you?

It’s more than just updating your LinkedIn profile.

It’s defining who you are as a person, figuring out how to showcase your unique differences as a recruiter and then telling your unique story with authentic tone that speaks directly to your target audience.


As a recruiter, what is the one superpower that you have that makes you stand out from the crowd of recruiters? Off the top of my head, I can name several superpowers I can see from the recruiters around me.

Tony has the power of speaking and hearing only the truth.  Without wasting time he directly reads your underlying needs and delivers only on that truth, saving time, saving wasted placements with people that don’t fit.

Michelle’s is affability.  She can break down barriers to connect with a diverse group of people from various walks of life.  When people like you, when people trust you, they connect with you and buy from you.

What's your superpower?


Lightning Speed?

An ability to read minds?

X-Ray Vision?

Can you stand back and peek into future?

Find that superpower and learn how to harness it so you can use it for good.


Many articles on branding talk about authenticity and being different.  But many recruiters feel they do the same thing as every other recruiter, just perhaps in a slightly different industry.

So instead, focus on your superpower.  That thing that helps you succeed every day.

And then start to write your comic book strip by writing articles and creating videos on your recruiter life and how your superpower helps make the world a better place.

No, I don’t mean literally call yourself a superhero (that could appear somewhat narcissistic and well…crazy.)  Instead, just write about you, what you do every day and your strengths and how you can help your market.

You’ll be surprised how well it will engage your target market creating loyal fans who will help shout your brand to the masses.

What's your superhero power?

About the author

Nicole has a passion for creating brands and marketing campaigns to sell a vision.  She thrives on helping people chase a better version of themselves - be it their health, wellbeing or their career.

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