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Want the competitive advantage? Here’s 3 strategies to win the construction and property talent war.

The war for top talent continues.  The talent shortage is nothing new to the construction industry.

The truth is, your next top performer is probably working for another company – perhaps even your biggest competitor.

Since employees are a company’s greatest asset giving you the competitive advantage, your company needs to get the upper hand by enticing those top performers to come and work for you.

And to do that, you need to tailor an employee attraction strategy that differentiates your company making it stand out from your competitors.

Creating a strong employee value proposition (EVP) highlighting a unique set of benefits that your company has to offer will help drive talent attraction and retention.

Here’s 3 strategies to win the construction talent war giving you the leading edge:

Tailor Your Applicant Message

Start with what you know…

To attract applicants who have the most potential to thrive in your business, start by looking internally, at your own company.

  • What are the characteristics of your current top performers?
  • What attracted these top performers in the first place?
  • What specific elements of the business appeal to these workers?

Once you have done your homework use these findings to tailor your marketing and communication messages to target and draw in the right, high-talent workers.

Build Your Message From Your Culture Up

Good performers won’t necessarily complement your company’s culture, so it’s essential your applicant message clearly demonstrates the culture underlying your business environment.

If you want to hire the best in the industry and want an employee who will live the company values, fit in with other workers and align with the company mission, you need to ensure your marketing message communicates what potential applicants should expect from the workplace business' work environment.

Ingrain your culture into your communication ensuring appeal to people who not only possess the top talents you are seeking, but who are more likely to thrive and stay with you for the long haul.

Differentiate Yourself

Win the attention of desirable applicants by providing potential employees with specific reasons to choose your company over your competitors by highlighting the unique features of your organisation. Gone are the days of relying on simply sledging your competition and hoping they buy into your broo haha. People see straight through that approach these days (not that it ever really worked).

Start by analysing your brand and then compare it with your competitors' to capitalize on differentiators.

  • What processes do you have in place that stand’s out from your competitors?
  • Do you have systems that make it easier for your workers to do their job?
  • What innovation or processes have you implemented in your business to make their lives easier?


Spend time and develop an accurate, aspirational EVP aligned with your brand and communicate what your company offers an employee.  It will set you apart from the competitors so you attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

No doubt it all sounds simple; but ask yourself the question…Am I, or are we, as a business doing any of the above? If you aren’t, I can tell you firsthand that those who are doing these key things are winning the talent that might just be slipping through your fingers.

If you would like to talk about the present or future of our market leading clients; feel free to reach out to myself or any of my colleagues here at Morgan Consulting. Our job is supporting clients and candidates equally when it comes to securing and finding suitable talent for your business.

Matthew Smith – Practice Manager / Property & Construction  e: p: (03) 8606 0323

About The Author

Matthew Smith is a Property and Construction Recruitment and Executive Search Specialist Before joining the recruitment industry, he worked for 10+ years in Construction and Operations Management and lead multiple Aussie Rules teams as a both a semi-professional and amateur football player.

Follow Matt on LinkedIn Here

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