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Why December Is The New January For Hiring And Recruitment

While many companies, recruiters and job seekers slow down over the next few months in prepartion for the supposed lull that hits during December Christmas period, some clever businesses are taking advantage, seizing the opportunity to get a head start on the new year.

Here’s 9 reasons you should hire now and not wait until the Christmas tree is packed away…

1. More Availability

Many employees have more time on their hands as their projects wrap up or stall over the Christmas period, meaning they have more time to respond to emails, to lunch and to network. Finding that unicorn employee, during a busy period can be difficult when they have their hands full.   Reaching out to them over December is a great time to get in front of them when they can fully consider your proposal.

2. Marketing Is Easier

With less competition in the market place, your ad will be seen more visibly. Use the time to appeal to those active job seekers and to better position your brand as a company who doesn’t sleep simply because its December.

3. Decision Makers Are More Available

Hiring managers and the decision makers are also more available during this time with projects coming to an end. Grab them during a time when they are most probably going to be in the office and available to talk about new job prospects.

4. More Time To Find Your Unicorn

With less job briefs on their plate, recruiters and hiring managers will have more time to dedicate to finding the dream employee and to sift through their networks of passive candidates that aren’t actively looking for work.

5. Less Recruiting Competition

Take advantage of the fact that most of your competition believe Christmas is a quiet time so most of their attention will be spent on the end of year work Christmas party.   Let the others gear down and take time to relax while you get in front of the people that you need to get in front of and post that job or apply for the job you want and stand out from the crowd by getting in first.

6. Better Pool Of Talent

When the market is saturated with jobs and job seekers, the pool of talent can be diluted by less than ideal candidates. Use December to appeal to the driven job seeker who stays active working over the period and is always on the lookout for that next opportunity. Go getters don’t go to sleep over the December period and these higher quality employees are the ones you want to appeal to anyway.

7. Networking Is Prime Time

With so many Christmas parties and lunches on, now is the time to get out there and network.  People are more relaxed and generally happier so it’s a great time to rub shoulders and schmooze with the connections you’ve been aiming for.

8. Get Maximum Business Value Out Of New Staff

Hiring in December means the staff member can get the induction and training out of the way, to hit the ground running come January. Don’t waste a month in the new year and help free up much needed resources come January with a fresh and fully integrated employee.

9. High Activity On Social Media

During the holiday season, social media ramps up with more people shopping online and getting in touch with family members via any one of the social media platforms. This means you’ll have more opportunity to position your brand and get in front of your relevant target audience. It’s also a prime time for many employees to update their profiles and resumes on LinkedIn, meaning it’s a powerful time for you to get traction on LinkedIn.


Why wait for Santa to fill your stocking? Seize the opportunity to hire that top performer this December and give yourself a gift this Christmas.

Need a hand hiring the right employee for your business? Don’t put your business or your dreams on hold. Speak to one of our specialist consultants today on (03) 8606 0300 and get to the top employees before your competition.


About the Author

Nicole Dickmann is a Marketing Manager with a passion for creating brands and content to sell a vision.

Her greatest passion is using her Marketing expertise to help people chase a better version of themselves - be it their health, wellbeing or their career.

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