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Why you need to understand TAAS – Talent as a Service

I have been with Morgan Consulting for over two years now, focused on the Audio Visual Technology, Security and Lighting Control markets. Working in these markets in Australia has been great so far; there are real opportunities out there for companies who can effectively sell and capitalise on their technical expertise.

There are also great opportunities out there for professionals who can add value to employers by giving their expertise to a team where together they can achieve great things – and some of the projects that my clients deliver are genuinely amazing feats of engineering and the creative application of technology.

Dealing with peaks and troughs
One of the challenges facing my clients who are at the ‘sharp end’ – delivering projects, and actually designing and installing finished solutions for end-user clients – is dealing with peaks and troughs in workload. I have had more than one client say to me over the course of this year that they have had to turn away lucrative work because they just don't have the capacity to deliver it.

In the media today, we're constantly being told how the world of work is changing, often due to the kinds of technologies that my clients manufacture, distribute, sell and/or integrate. And yet, often, these same companies are working in much the same way that they have for the last 20 years or more. The technology has changed, but it still needs a skilled person with a van full of tools to install it.

Some integrators are finding ways to work smarter and help their teams be more productive. But some aren’t. It was just yesterday I interviewed a great professional who is looking to change his job because of frustrations with antiquated work processes that lead to him wasting hours of his time and ultimately stop him doing his job anywhere near as well as he could.

I am always looking for ways to add more value to my customers (employers and professionals) and after talking with many of them, we at Morgan have invested in additional resources so that we can deliver a focused temporary/contract staffing service to our specialist technical clients. Our AV, Security and Lighting division has grown and we are already supplying several clients with contract staff to help them with major projects that are starting in January 2016.

The ‘as a service’ model
I was discussing this with a senior AV industry figure who I am lucky enough to be able to call a client, and he called it ‘talent as a service’. This rang true with me, and mirrors the way my clients now supply technology as a service, with all of the advantages that gives their customers in budgeting, planning and scaling, as required.

We will always be there to offer permanent recruitment solutions to our clients in their specialisms, and I believe that there will always be a place for that, certainly in my lifetime. But I also see a large part of the future being the more flexible ‘as a service’ model.

Hiring temps and contractors is of course not new, but I think that the demand for this kind of working for highly specialised and skilled people is set to rise to unprecedented levels.

Opportunities for professionals
For professionals, this means change too. Some will see this as a loss of job security; for others they will see this as an opportunity to work more flexibly, to choose the projects that they work on and not be tied to one organisation. Professionals who are good at what they do and build their reputations will still be in demand and will thrive in this environment.

If you believe the popular consensus on the future of work (from the likes of James Altucher or LinkedIn's own Reid Hoffman) that we are all going to (and NEED to) become entrepreneurs, artists and our own brand, then this kind of project-based flexible working is going to become the norm. For Morgan, our role is to help these professionals by introducing the opportunities to them; connecting them with the right employers and projects.

For us in our specialist AV, security and lighting control sectors, where technologies are rapidly converging and lines more blurred between specialisms and skill sets, this model is very much becoming a reality. For other, perhaps slower changing industries, it could be food for thought.

I'm excited about working with the team at Morgan next year and seeing where all of this leads. And I know that by applying our high standards of customer care and our individual sector expertise, we will continue to be successful as the landscape changes around us.


About the Author

Dave Gallagher is specialist recruiter working in the audio visual, lighting and security sectors across Australia, and occasionally overseas. He works with sales, marketing, technical and senior management professionals, helping them move their careers forward. He serves manufacturers, distributors and resellers/systems integrators, as well as consultants.

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